Science & Fine motor Skill with Mrs. Fleming & Mrs. Tarello
November 1, 2023

What a whirlwind October it has been! The children have settled in beautifully and have become pros at our daily routines. When they arrive, they dive into exciting projects and explore various learning manipulatives throughout the classroom. Our block area has a new addition, featuring all the children’s pictures, which they use to inspire their imaginative stories. Plus, the introduction of a microscope and a light table to our science/math area has been a big hit – the little scientists in our class are loving it!

Fine motor skills are at the forefront of our focus, as they play a crucial role in a child’s development. We’re working on activities like cutting, molding playdough, bead threading, hole punching, practicing their grip, and even ripping paper. These activities not only strengthen their hand muscles but also improve eye coordination, bilateral coordination, and concentration.

We began the month with our “All Things Fall” unit, which was a fantastic opportunity to enhance fine motor skills while exploring the wonders of autumn. We delved into the parts of a leaf, painted leaves with watercolors, crafted bird feeders from pine cones, and even created paper mache pumpkins. The little artists in our class had a blast with projects like leaf tracing, and they demonstrated their creativity with leaf mobiles. We also had the pleasure of going on a nature walk, collecting leaves, acorns, and sticks to craft our very own leaf people/animals inspired by The Leaf Man.

As Halloween approaches, we’re gearing up for some not-so-spooky crafts and science experiments to decorate our classroom.

Our science routines are well underway, and the children are absolutely loving it. The “sink or float” experiment with nature items from around the room was a hit. We explored the fascinating behavior of pinecones in different weather conditions, learning why they open up when it’s nice outside. The highlight of our science adventures was Pumpkin Jack – from investigating him to carving, measuring, and counting his seeds. We’ve placed him in a container filled with soil to observe the decomposition process throughout the year, making him a part of our class in a unique way. Each science unit turns our little ones into budding scientists, fostering curiosity and exploration.

In our literacy journey, we’ve embarked on the “Lively Letters” routine. Each week, we introduce a new letter, such as L, F, E, and H. We explore words that begin with the letter, understand the sounds it makes, and practice writing it, all to build the foundation for their writing skills. This program will continue to be a part of our curriculum throughout the year.

We also had some exciting visitors this month, including Big Joe the StoryTeller, who entertained the children with captivating tales. Additionally, our library continues to grow, and Mrs. Beatrice hosted storytelling sessions in her office, reading the trilogy of “Dinosaurs Don’t Eat Their Classmates.”

As we move into November, we’re excited to begin our “All About Me” unit. Please send in an updated family photo, as we plan to incorporate it into an upcoming project.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your child’s education. October has been a fantastic month, and we’re looking forward to the adventures and discoveries that November will bring.

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