Curriculum at Six Acres

Six Acres Nursery School is proud to offer low teacher to child ratios. Classroom sizes range from 9 – 11 children per day, with experienced, nurturing Teachers and an Asst. Teachers in each classroom. We enjoy the benefits of a small school setting, giving our families the opportunity to interact on a more personal level.

The mornings are a nice balance between play based, free-choice activities and more structured, small group activities. The children have many opportunities to engage in social play, explore process, open-ended art projects, as well as build on their academic learning with programs such as “Handwriting without Tears” and “Lively Letters”. Over the years, we have found that these two programs are enjoyable for the children and help to build a foundation to loving to learn!

We also enjoy additional enrichments throughout the month, including Big Joe the Storyteller, Music & Movement with Mr. Matt, Art Lab.


Classrooms are made up of several centers to explore!

Group Time

We sing & dance, read books, chart the weather & daily calendar and play games!

Outside Time

We love our playground!

Activity Room

Handwriting without Tears

This curriculum is designed to make legible and fluent handwriting an automatic, mastered skill. Children will practice the proper formation of Upper Case Letters throughout the school year.

Lively Letters

This is a dynamic phonemic awareness approach developed by a speech & language pathologist and reading specialist. Lively Letters combines phonology and phonics to improve reading and spelling in a fun, interactive way.

Process Art

Children’s Literature