Our Day is a Process

We are proud to offer a child-centered approach focused on developmentally appropriate practices.

Six Acres Nursery School - Medford, MAOur teachers and staff are guided by Piaget’s theory that curiosity drives a child’s learning. Providing challenging, open-ended activities encourages children to think. We have an integrated curriculum which includes reading to foster a love for the written word, counting and sequencing to foster a love for numbers, being social and learning to be a community to foster love and respect for one another. Our age appropriate activities are designed to introduce and strengthen cognitive and social skills.

Science happens naturally as the child becomes curious about things around us by observing, comparing, classifying, measuring and experimenting. Art projects and free form drawing/writing processes are a major part of the curriculum as well.

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

We pride ourselves on a low student to teacher ratio. Our school building is located on the property of Temple Shalom. It is an accessible building with 7 light-filled classrooms and a large “Activity Room” used each day for large muscle play, music, art and science. We enjoy the benefits of a small school setting, giving our families the opportunity to interact on a more personal level.


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