About Us

About Us

Our program is carefully planned but not regimented. It is informal and creative, but organized.

Six Acres Nursery School - Medford, MAWe provide multiple opportunities for children to learn through exploration in a warm, respectful atmosphere. Our staff designs curriculum based on the interests and needs of the children..  As children pursue their own individual interests, they are learning to recognize and respect the interests and individuality of others.  We believe in fostering a sense of community.

Since children love to explore and experiment; we provide that opportunity

Children at Six Acres engage in spontaneous play with developmentally appropriate materials. Social and intellectual development are inextricably linked. Every opportunity is taken to foster prosocial behavior and communication skills. We offer valuable, supervised educational experiences through literacy and language arts, science, music and movement, dramatic play, cooking, sensory motor activities, story time and outdoor play.

Children, who are at least 4 years of age, are welcome to attend our 5 day Pre-Kindergarten Program. This program has an emergent curriculum rich in literacy activities that provide daily opportunities for language development, exploratory science, hands on math, process art, small group games and computer time.

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